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Bet On The Melbourne Cup Horse Race

The Melbourne Cup Horse Race is one of the major thoroughbred events in Australia. It is held each year on the first Tuesday in the month of November. Some of the best competitors from around the world are attracted to this prestigious event. Each are vying for the chance to win a portion of the $6 million prize pool that is offered every year. The cup long at a distance of 3200 meters. It is also the richest and the most prestigious "2 mile" handicap of the world. Conducted on turf, this rich event is known throughout the world and is the main one for the spring carnival of Australia. It takes place at Flemington Course which is operated by the Victorian Racing club. Any animal that is older than 3 years can compete.


The first competition of this type took place in 1861. The original distance was 3218 meters, which is exactly 2 miles. When the metric system was introduced to Australia in the 70s, the distance of an even 3200 meters was used. The past records were adjusted by 2 seconds in order to account for the longer distance that was travelled. Kingston Rule holds the current record, winning the event with a time of 3 minutes 16.3 seconds.


The lowest handicap weight to run the Melbourne Cup horse race is 49 kg. There is not a maximum, but the top weight for the field can be no less than 57 kg. The one that is used for the horse is taken 2 months before it occurs. A Victoria club handicapper will take the weights. Based on the fact that this is a handicap contest, the amount that is provided to each horse is adjusted based on their past performances. An older horse will be given more than the younger ones. The reason that this is done is to provide each of the competing horses with an equal chance to win. Recently, the rules were adjusted in a way to lessen weight penalties for better performing animals.


The entrance fee is $50,805 and entries are typically closed by the first week in August. There are usually around 300 or 400 nominations and only 24 make the field. Winning certain other events will automatically be entered and will not be a part of the ballot. The ballot system helps determine the rest of the field. Some of the factors that are taken into place include the amount of prize money that has been won for the past 2 years, placing in some of the races that lead up to the event, and the handicap weight. The group will consist of thoroughbreds that have shown that they are "stayers." This means that they have proven they can handle the distance. Oftentimes, the animals will be from Europe where longer tracks are more common. Australia is better known for having sprinters.


There are numerous wagering options available for punters every year. There are numerous thrilling races held during the spring carnival and the most popular bet is known as "doubles". Many people like to place a wager on the Caulfield Cup along with the Melbourne Cup. Another popular choice is the trifecta. This means that 3 races are chosen and you must pick the winner of each one. A blind trifecta is a fun choice as the races that are chosen are random. Of course basic win, place, and show bets are available as well.