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USA Horse Betting Sites

Betting Online in America

With the emerging technology, even gambling has been lot easier for the players. Online gaming sites are can be accessed almost everywhere and people are getting hooked in these games. However, the legality of gambling is still in debate in certain countries. In America, most of the states are against into gambling but some are being open-minded on the positive remarks it can give to the state's economy.

Regardless of the issue of online gambling, there are still some gaming sites that are properly regulated by the government. These casinos, whether land-based or online, can offer players a fun gaming experience without the issue of legality. It is good to know that Americans have the option to gamble like how other countries are doing so.

usa horse betting sites onlineSome areas such as Las Vegas, Nevada are utilizing the gambling industry as an avenue to earn more fund for the state. In the neighboring countries of USA, gambling has been one of the top income generating industries because of the large tax it is paying to the government. Because of this benefit, some American states are also considering to regulate casinos. Actually, there are specific states that have already filed laws to allow the gaming industry. These are currently under review by the authorized government agencies in their respective states.

Online gambling can be the next big thing in the gaming industry. Anyone who has internet connection and a gadget to access it can instantly place a bet on an online casino. Although some states still prohibit betting on online sites, Americans can find a way. There are offshore gaming sites that legally accepts US player, thus, Americans can still wager on them without any issue.

Gambling in the USA is not all about the usual gaming casinos like blackjack, poker, baccarat, slot machines, and the like. Ever since the casinos are becoming regulated, the gambling industry has also taken over the sports. Most gaming sites are offering options to place bets on the ongoing sports event in America. It can be basketball, soccer, or even horse race. There are plenty to choose from.

Top Sites for USA Horse Betting

It is hard to find the right horse betting sites for a specific player. Thus, we have listed down the best in USA. The following gaming sites are recommended for horse betting:1. Bovada 2. TopBet 3. SportsBet

Among all the top horse racing sites available in the USA, Bovada is one of the most-known racing gaming site in the said country. Launched in 2011, this popular sportsbook site is an accredited and licensed wagering platform for all American players. Its horse racebook is updated daily which offers racing odds managed on top racing tracks in North America. It also boasts its late-night racing tournaments from Australia for its US-based customers.

best sites for betting on horses in the usaAside from these, it also promotes its weekly rebates from different horse racing events and special promotions for its new and regular players. Although it only caters US players, Bovada has still lieved up to its reputation on delivering great promotions and special bonuses to its upcoming and existing customers. It is also available in different gaming platforms which make it more accessible for interested gamers.

Another leading Sportsbooks provider in the region is TopBet gaming. TopBet is a respected and reputable online site which aims to give its new and regular players with the best gaming experience in terms of its sporting events like NBA, NFL, college football and basketball, and many others. But the most known sportsbook event it has hosted is its live horse racing games which have attracted more players due to its enticing rewards and in-game bonuses. Aside from these special promotions, TopBet horse games also boasts its easy and fast payout transactions, as well as regular promotions and bonuses to its regular customers.

Aside from these bonuses, this premier gaming platform also assures that its players get the best gaming quality and experience in every Sportsbooks event and tournaments it hosts. It boasts its top-notch bankroll and account security for its customers, as well as its reliable payout schemes after every game.

On the other hand, SportBet is an Australian gaming company running for almost 15 years from across different regions worldwide. It is not just Australia's top online wagering site, but it is also a known gaming platform in some parts of USA. It hosts various sporting events which offer a cast array of wagering options and offers to its players. They also reward special bonuses and promotions to their new and regular customers not just in Australia, but from different parts of the world.

Aside from sports events, it also hosted horse racing events which have gained prominence among different players because of its detailed interface on the available races in different regions. SportBet's race schedules are presented in an organized manner which gives its players ease on accessing and placing their wagers on their desired horse races.

Most Popular Types of Horse Bets

Similar with other sports betting game, there are different ways to bet on a horse race.

One of the most common types of horse bet is the winning horse. This is simple as it gets. Player just need to choose the specific horse that he or she thinks will win first in the race. Another type of bet is to determine whether the horse will placed. This term is used for the runner ups in the game. So if a player bets on a horse A and it wins second, the player may still get a percentage of winning.

The position of the horse on the end of the race can also be another type of bet. Each position has a corresponding amount of prize to be won. Players may also opt to place their wager on multiple horses at one time.

One more type of horse bet is the Lucky 15 wherein a player gets a chance to place 15 bets on 4 different selections. When the player successfully wins all his or her 15 bets, he or she will get an additional 20% on the top of the total winnings. High rollers may also try the Lucky 31 with 31 bets or Lucky 63 involving 63 bets.

If having too many bets is quite difficult to follow, players can just stick on the Straight Forward. This type of horse bet allows a player to choose two horses in one event. These bets should be the first and the second to finish the race. On the other hand, player can bet on Combination Tricasts. This type of bet lets the player choose the three horses in one event and they should finish the first, second, and third, in any order.